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How To Find The Right Bisexual Couples To Experiment With Online Or Just Be Friends With

bisexual couples

bisexual couples

Have you and your spouse decided that it’s time for you to experiment as a bisexual couple with other couples? This is a good thing, because it takes a really secure couple in order to experiment sexually with others. Finding these types of couples offline is tough, but the internet makes it easier. If you want to find the right bisexual couples to invite into your life, then you need some ways to weed out people. Here are some tips to help you.

Make sure a couple is actually a couple and not a single person looking for experimental sex

Do you have any idea how many people will pretend to be bisexual, but really aren’t? This happens the most with single men who think they can get easy sex out of it. Making sure that a couple is really a couple and not a single person will help you avoid these problems. Bisexual couples typically will only deal with other couples and they usually speak to you as a couple as well.

Make sure that the other couple has a strong relationship so that there’s no insecurity

If you want to find bisexual couples on the internet then you’ll need to make sure the couple is strong and not new in their relationship. This is going to be a couple that knows how to experiment without getting their emotions involved. The couple that’s still new to this lifestyle might not be able to separate their feelings from what might take place.

Try to see just how open the other bisexual couple really is and whether or not they are authentic

One good way to weed out bisexual couples you might find on the internet would be for you to see how authentic they are. In order to do this you need to come at them from certain angles:

  • Telling them about experimental things you’ve done in the past and how much fun you had doing it.
  • Telling them what you expect of them and or asking them about some of the wild experiences they’ve had.
  • Asking them about how serious they are when it comes to the lifestyle itself. This means putting themselves out there more.

¬†Bisexual couples are very safe to be with, because even though they might be bisexual they know how to be discreet. Using the right online source in order to come into contact with such couples will save you a lot of trouble. You just never know who you might meet offline or whether or not they are who they say they are. Using an online resource enables you to weed out people better and get a better feel for who your dealing with. This is what you want. Now you can enjoy your lifestyle without having to worry about being judged by those who don’t understand it. Just be sure that your spouse is aware of what your doing and that their on board with it.

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How To Find Bisexual Friends The Right Way Using Websites Geared Towards This Crowd


bisexual friends

bisexual friends

Are you looking for bisexual friends on the internet? In order to be successful you must make sure you know how to use the different sites that are out there to help you. Here are some great ways to get the most out of these sites.

Try to weed out the people who are only interested in experimental sex and nothing else

If your goal is to find bisexual friends online, then you want to actually focus on the friend part. Being friends first is the first step to building something more down the road. A lot of people on the internet though aren’t going to be interested in this and you need ways to weed them out. You don’t just want casual hookup nor do you just want someone to experiment with. You need to have a plethora of questions ready to ask any potential bisexual friends in order to see how serious they are. This will help you avoid wasting a lot of time.

Have plenty of conversation starters ready in order to break the ice with potential friends

One of the most awkward things about finding bisexual friends online is trying to communicate with them in a cool, easy fashion. Things have a tendency to get awkward pretty quick if you don’t have something ready to say. So you need to have some conversation starters ready to use in order to break the ice. A good rule of thumb here seeing as how you aren’t looking for actual sex would be to speak about hobbies, interests and life experience in order to build trust and find things you have in common.

Know what type of experiences potential bisexual friends are looking and whether or not your okay with this

If you truly want bisexual friends and nothing more, than you need to get an idea of what type of person someone is first. You need to know what type of experiences they are looking for. Some people might want to build a friendship as a means to a relationship down the road. Some people might simple want to do harmless stuff with you such as making out or intimate touching. Knowing the type of experiences someone expects to have with you will let you know if their truly interested in being just friends or something more.

Being bisexual is very hard, because you’ll struggle to find people who truly believe you’re into both genders. So when you do find someone who shares¬† in your lifestyle you want to build a relationship with them. This relationship doesn’t always have to be sexual though. If this happens down the road and its something you don’t mind, then find. If you truly want to be just friends though, then you need ways to weed out people that don’t want the same thing. Having access to the right websites geared towards bisexual dating will help you a lot in this regard.